ALEX  This was a great workshop, very hands on, and definitely worth the price and the trip down for the wealth of information. We had not only identified many important plants, but explored how they were used to treat/cure a wide variety (of) ailments in the body. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in this subject!

PAUL ROBINSON  Wow! That was a lot of fun, with excellent practical advice. I was surprised at how abundant the wild food is. I’m already planning an excursion to the park to pick more greens! Eat your weeds! I wish they taught this in school!

ALEX  Awesome walk, great learning experience, great group of people, and I learnt a lot today

CARLY  Thanks so much for the education today, Jennie…I really enjoyed the walk & learning SO much about the edibles in my back yard…I also really appreciated your heartfelt enthusiasm & joy to share what you’ve learned during your own exploration & learning…It has really awakened a little seed inside to get out there & learn more…That little dormant part just waiting & calling out to connect more deeply with the earth…

SAGE  Thanks Jennie…it was definitely a fabulous time!… I love how you teach. I have studied herbs a lot however you brought me closer to them. … not only with new information but through the heart. Thank you!

LAUREN  A thoroughly enjoyable and informative morning! Thank you, Jennie. I look forward to more!

TAMARACK TABERNAC  Jennie — thank you so much for your love and willingness to teach your wisdom. It is greatly appreciated and needed.

JOYCE  Finally met Jennie today and what a lot of energy she gives out during the session. Knows so much about herbs and loved making the tincture!

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