Slippery Elm Lozenges

Slippery Elm Lozenge

Slippery Elm bark and root-bark make a throat-soothing compound that is also wonderful for an agitated tummy or colon. First Nations people used the inner bark to make a nutritious gruel for babies. In late pregnancy, I used the root bark to help prepare for birthing, as this is another traditional use for this root (use only in the last trimester, however).

Slippery Elm Lozenge

How to Make Slippery Elm Lozenges to Sooth a Sore Throat or Ease a Sore Tummy.

In a deep, medium-sized bowl, put about an ounce or two of slippery elm powder.

Add raw honey*, stirring until it forms a thick paste, and that when squeezed in your hands, won’t stick. Keep adding honey or Slippery Elm powder until the desired texture is achieved. I powder my hands with the Slippery Elm, just as I would if I were baking bread, to keep the paste from sticking to me.
*if you wish, you can gently warm the honey to liquefy it if it is too solid to easily stir.

Roll the paste into balls. They can be the size of a marble, or slightly smaller.

Now, roll the balls in Slippery Elm Powder to coat them.

Store in a sealed container – a glass jar or tin. These will keep for up to ten years.

I find that my children love these “lozenges” so much that they don’t last long in our cupboards, although, being made with raw honey, they could theoretically last for 10 years or more. They would work just as well with Marshmallow Root – both are herbs that sooth a sore throat and have been used by opera singers and orators to enhance the voice. We sometimes add a dash of cinnamon, licorice root powder, or, in the case of tummy troubles or constipation, senna root powder, as both Slippery Elm and Marshmallow are soothing as well to the G.I. track.

If you wish, you can combine these little goodies with the benefits of licorice root, kelp powder, or marshmallow root. Raw, locally produced honey and elder-flower syrup add sweetness and immune-boosting potential to the mix. These really do work! And they are great for the voice, as well – slippery elm has long been used by opera singers for a clearer note when singing.


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