Nature Walk

We love wild things of all description, and we love to share knowledge about plants that we hope will help us grow and be healthy – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s a Wild Thing is my way of sharing what I love to do, which is to be in nature – to taste it, breathe it, gaze at it and feel it – feel it deeply – and listen to what it tells me. I think there are many others who also wish to listen and feel – this group is for them.

I believe that nature-wisdom is available for everyone, and that to use wild plants and herbs in your life on a daily basis is a basic right of all humans. You do not need to be a herbalist, or a specialist, but you do need to know what you are doing.

So, if you want to get together, get outside, and learn about wild-growing edible and medicinal plants, or just want to know what weeds in your garden can be put to good use in your kitchen, join us for guided wild-weed-walks, foraging excursions, wild herbal workshops, and other courses*. Learn how to make your own herbal remedies and about safe, responsible, and environmentally-friendly foraging. And meet local foragers who will share your enthusiasm and their recipes and harvesting locations!

We have many more foraging and herbal walks, events and workshops in the Burlington, ON area. Visit here for this information.

*Some events are free; others will carry a fee, but, we do have a sliding scale fee-system for those who might need a bit of help to come out and join us. Just email Jennie to discuss. The idea is to be empowered and included, and work together for awareness and impact!

About Jennie

I have always had a love of herbs, healing and wild-crafting; I spent my childhood summers living in a remote lake-side cabin ~ and continue to spend my adult summers there ~ without electricity, road access, or plumbing. It was this very special experience that allowed me to developed my personal relationship with Mother Nature at a young age, and I continued to observe and study as I hopped from continent to continent in my 20’s and 30’s. About 10 years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to study with an authentic, ‘old-timey’ herbal healer in North Carolina. After formally studying with him for well over 200 hours, I spent the next year as his apprentice and learned so much at his side.

I now give wild weed walks to introduce people to edible and medicinal plants that grow wild all around us; I offer workshops on how to ethically forage for – and prepare – wild food and wild herbal medicine. I am in awe of what grows wild in this amazing world. So if you don’t mind that I keep it heartfelt and simple, let me take you on my journey.

With joy,
~ for those interested in yoga, I also teach in yoga in Bronte http://www.meetup.com…